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Greater Boston Properties in Boston, Massachusetts

Telephone: 1 (617) 536-4900
Greater Boston Properties
696 Tremont St # 1
Boston, Massachusetts 02118

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Greater Boston Properties Reviews

The overall opinion of Greater Boston Properties is positive.

Transitioned from developer control by matt December 2010

Tim at GBP took over management of our condominium personally after we transitioned away from the developer and the one-man management company he had hired. Not only was GBP much cheaper than the previous company, Tim was much more responsive, and the community ran much more smoothly than it had under the previous management company.

Tim was always professional, remarkably so when dealing with the property developer and previous management company who made it onerous for GBP to obtain the financial records and other documentation about the condominium. Even when Tim got married and went on his honeymoon, GBP made sure that our condominium ensured that we had a contact that provided solid service and communication. A class-act company all around.

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